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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Ten worst contemporary artworks

Recently was asked to make a list of the ten worst contemporary artworks and found it the most difficult task. Choosing the worst art of purported cultural significance was incredibly difficult as there is mountains of it about, but any object culled from the web museum of bad art or from locations such as skips or walls was banned. It had to be art that has been well publicised by galleries and the cultural media as very significant artwork, but also;

  • a work with no redeeming merit 
  • a work with no art history reference
  • a work with no artistic skill or value
  • a work of no aesthetic value

A real challenge; would be interested in other suggested lists.  For your disputation this was the final list.

1 Fountain - Marcel Duchamp

2 Black square - Kasimir Malevich

3 Bad dog - Richard Jackson

4 Work No 517 - Martin Creed

5 Boot print - Gavin Turk

6 Sleeping arrangements - Martin Maloney

7 Pail - Jeff Koons

8 Spring angel C - Gary Hume

9 Forever Marilyn - Seward Johnson

10 Sell the house - Christopher Wool

NB Not one female artist made the list!

1 comment:

  1. I think something from Richard Prince ought to have made the list.
    On second thoughts, make that everything by Prince


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